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THRUST is always looking for people and organizations to help us achieve our goals, if you’d like to become one of our supporters contact us here.

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THRUST is a registered 501.3(c) dedicated to advancing student rocketry and getting students jobs. If you want to help support our cause please considering donating to us, all proceeds go directly to operation costs, such as transport fees and tickets to professional conferences or manufacturing costs. We have a non-profit paypal you can use to donate directly to us, or if you have materials or services you wish to donate please reach out to us here.

Amazon and Humble Bundle

Want to support us but can’t donate yourself? Why not do your normal shopping and help us out along the way! When making your purchases on Amazon, you can use the link and have Amazon donate a portion of what you spend to us, at no additional cost to you. All you have to do is go to that link, sign in with your Amazon account, select Testing High-Altitude Rockets for Unmanned Space Transport Corp., and go shopping!

You can do a very similar thing for us on Humble Bundle as well. When making a purchase on the Humble store, you can opt in to Humble Rewards, which can have 10% of the money you spent go to the charity of your choice. Once again just select Testing High-Altitude Rockets for Unmanned Space Transport Corp. and you can carry on with your normal shopping while contributing to our mission.