Research & Development

When THRUST, then Student Space Systems, was founded years ago it was because a group of students wanted to start doing what no one else was doing at the time, design and build high-powered rockets. They first tried to create their new project in an existing club but there was no easy way to do it and eventually that club told those students “no”. Undeterred, those students started their own club dedicated to making these rockets. Years later we try to keep that spirit with our Research & Development program, a way for any student to bring their rocket-related projects to life.

Over the years students have made their project ideas, such as the Level One program, our Turbomachinery team, and our Spaceshot Rocket a reality in THRUST.

How can you start creating your own project? The process begins with a paper submission. Write up a 1-3 page paper which highlights the What, How, and Why of your project. What does the project involve? How do you plan on completing the project? Why is this something important to THRUST and its future? Any addition of quantifiable goals or risks to the project will be looked upon favorably. Once you have your paper written, email it to Lawrence, [email protected], or to Nikhil, [email protected], so the board can review your submission. Once we’ve reviewed your submission we’ll arrange a meeting with you to go over the next steps.