Level One

The Level One program certifies students to work with high-powered H- and I-class motors, allowing for rocketry projects that go higher and faster while equipping our members with valuable rocketry experience.


Spaceshot’s ultimate goal is to reach the edge of space at 100 km (62 mi) in altitude, pushing the limits of solid-fueled rocketry with multi-stage designs, avionics, recovery systems built and assembled by us.


The ignis engine is THRUST’s first engine to use liquid fuel, which will further our knowledgebase and advance us towards our goal of creating a liquid fuel rocket that reaches space.

Research & Development

Our Research & Development program allows anyone to bring their project ideas to life in THRUST.


Pneumatics is a project which seeks to use gas-operated pistons to control the flow of propellant to rocket engines. Currently, the piston has been constructed and the next step is the assembly of the electrical components.