Level One

As THRUST develops its solid rocket programs, we will need to use high-powered solid fueled engines that require special certification. Level One is dedicated to certifying THRUST members to purchase and use H- and I-class solid and hybrid motors, offering up to 640 Newton-seconds of impulse that can be used in full-scale launches and final projects. With certification from Tripoli, students will be equipped with the knowledge to safely and responsibly handle high-powered motors while learning the components of a rocket, including recovery systems and launch procedures. No experience is required; this program is designed to familiarize anyone and everyone with rocketry basics and is an incredible opportunity to build your own rocket you get to keep!

Each member will receive a kit containing all components necessary to build a rocket with a class H motor. Over the course of several weeks and many construction sessions, members will assemble their rockets with help from THRUST’s leadership, working together to design and build every aspect of the rocket. Finally, launches will be conducted from Central Illinois Airspace’s launch sites at the end of the semester to officially obtain Level One certifications for all participants. Simulations will also supplement construction to give members an idea of how their rocket will fly. Join Level One and witness your own creations fly!

Skills and knowledge earned:

  • Rocket architecture (recovery systems, engine placement, etc.)
  • Rocket flight simulation in OpenRocket
  • Propellant handling
  • Assembly techniques

Majors: Everyone, even non-engineers! No experience is required, we will be glad to certify you and offer any advice you need along the way!