The ultimate goal of THRUST is to send a liquid-fueled rocket to the Karman line at 100 kilometers (62 miles) in altitude, and in pursuit of this lofty goal, many small steps must be made in the process. Spaceshot is one of those, aiming to send a two-stage solid-fueled rocket to the same altitude. With tried and tested solid fueled motors safety and reliability are massively enhanced, and it will serve as a testbed for interstage designs, avionics, the airframe, and parachute systems. Leadership opportunities abound as small-scale tests, subassemblies, and prototypes will be developed! With a projected top speed of Mach 5, this rocket will make THRUST one of the few student organizations to ever send a self-assembled rocket into space.

The Spaceshot project is divided into Spaceshot Demo and the full-scale rocket. Spaceshot Demo is designed to test the major features of the full rocket at a smaller scale, with a strong emphasis on the avionics and recovery system for the first iteration of Spaceshot Demo. Subsequent launches of the demo rocket will test the staging system, with current plans to use drag separation of the first and second stages. Finally, assembly of the full Spaceshot rocket will begin, utilizing ablatives, composites, and CNC-milled aluminum to create a rocket capable of surviving supersonic flight. We’re eager to see you on the team, and we look forward to building with you!

Skills and knowledge earned:

  • CAD
  • ANSYS Mechanical, Thermal, and CFD
  • High-powered motor use and handling
  • Advanced rocket architecture (avionics, parachute systems, and more)
  • Leadership and technical project management

Majors in high demand: – Aerospace, Mechanical, and Materials Engineering needed for CAD, simulation, and construction! – Electrical and Computer Engineering needed for avionics, telemetry, and programming!