About Us

Who We Are

Here at THRUST, we lead students in high powered rocketry projects with the goal of teaching our members the skills they need to be successful in the newly growing space industry. Alongside this we aim to be the first student group to successfully launch a fully student developed liquid rocket engine to space.

To accomplish all this, we have several projects working all at once, from building rockets, making engines, to control systems. All of these projects work in conjunction to teach our members what they want to know and push the bounds of student led rocketry.

We also present a few of these projects yearly at space congresses to get the word about about our club, our projects, and most importantly our members.

What We’ve Done

In the past our team has accomplished some very impressive things: such as designing, building, and test firing our own gaseous NO2/solid paraffin wax hybrid engine Gore and constructing and launching our Phase 3 rocket Olympus to an altitude of 36,000 ft. Don’t be confused by the Student Space Systems logos, for a long time we went by that time until we changed it in 2020.

Gore Mk. 1

Current Executive Board

Lawrence Lindenbaum


Nikhil Sridhar

Chief Engineer

Daniel Cudzich

Internal Director

Dev Shah

External Director

Yuzhe Zhang